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Frequently Asked Questions

We get this question weekly: “What should I be doing right now to get the most out of my digital marketing and website?” Unfortunately most businesses lack the team, time and knowledge to do everything themselves and they end up doing nothing at all.

Our local marketing package takes care of the minimum viable activities you should be doing online right now, and nothing you don’t need.

Our program is significantly less expensive than hiring an in-house marketing person, paying an existing employee to try to manage everything, figuring it all out yourself, or out-sourcing it to some other company or person who may or may not know what they’re really doing.

Simply put, if you’re not advertising your business because you don’t have the time or team to manage your local advertising yourself, our program is an absolute no-brainer.

What’s more, very few of your competitors know how to do all of the things we’ll handle for you, so you will have a significant competitive advantage locally.

Here are some common denominators of business owners who are a good fit for our program:

1.) You have a strong desire to be more well known than local competitors

2.) You are a somewhat established business with a marketing budget

3.) You want more calls, website traffic, leads and ultimately, you want more customers

4.) You do not have the time or team to manage your marketing yourself.

5.) You are good at sales.

While our marketing service can be utilized by virtually any industry, there are definitely a few situations where it may not be a good fit for certain business types and certain people. In general here are a few scenarios where you probably shouldn’t sign up for our service:

1.) You have an extremely low customer LTCV (life time customer value) and low-volume process — meaning your profit per-client is very low because of your price-point or other factors and/or you are a hobbiest and don’t have the volume of sales to make up for it.

2.) Your total advertising/marketing budget is under $1500/mo — as we mention throughout our site, our retainer does not include your ad spend. In order for our traffic funnel system to work for you, you will need AT MINIMUM a $1000/mo ad spend. Please note, that is our minimum suggested ad spend. The perfect, ideal client for our program is someone who has a $2000+/mo ad spend budget. Keep in mind the more competitive the industry you’re in, and the bigger you want your audience to be, the more expensive it is to reach your target market.

3.) You’re impatient and/or expecting immediate leads/results — in most cases our clients see a very fast improvement in traffic, calls and lead flow, however, we can simply not guarantee what will happen month in and month out because there are a lot of factors outside of our control, most importantly, your ability to close sales/leads. Our program is not a lead generation program per se’. We are not in the business of generating low intent leads from Facebook contest campaigns. Our program is a traffic and awareness funnel system, which if kept in place, will generate leads. Make sense? Leads only come after traffic is generated.

Furthermore, advertising is not as easy as putting $1 in the machine and immediately getting back $5. If it were, everyone would be doing it. Marketing & Advertising are long term strategies that will absolutely bear fruit if you’re patient and have the right mindset — and if you can close sales! If you’re the type of person who wants to see performance reporting two weeks into the program, do not sign up. This is a long term traffic funnel that is not meant to be shut off.

4.) You don’t have a game-plan for lead follow-up — if you’re expecting to handle all incoming leads yourself, and your’e busy doing 50 other things, you may need to figure out a game-plan first, meaning you’ll either want to have a dedicated person following up with leads OR an automation application that will do it for you. Otherwise leads will fall through the cracks, decreasing your ROI. If you need help with automation, we can point you in the right direction.

Our pricing model is simple. We charge a monthly service fee/retainer of $699.99/mo after a $999.99 setup fee. Your monthly billing doesn’t start until 30 days after the initial date of sign up. 

The setup fee includes setting up, optimizing and syncing your ad accounts, ad campaigns, conversion tracking, landing pages, custom forms, as well as optimizing your GMB. There is a lot of work involved especially inside ad accounts.

The ongoing monthly cost covers account support, tracking, and the ongoing done-for-you services we provide for your Google and Facebook ad accounts, as well as your GMB and re-targeting campaigns.

*** Our service fee does not include the ad spend for your ads. 

We will need access to your following accounts in order to fully enable our services:

  • Google My Business Account
  • Facebook Ad Account (Business Manager) 
  • Google Ad Account
  • Google Analytics Account

If you don’t know how to grant access, or one or more of these accounts hasn’t yet been created yet, we’ll cover how this is all done on our on-boarding call — it’s very simple.

We will also need your logo and other relevant images for your branded GMB posts. We’ll schedule a call with you to get this all done in about 10 minutes.

Our monthly ads service includes creation and monitoring of:

Local Facebook Ad campaigns (targeting zip codes or a radius)

Facebook Re-targeting campaigns (shows ads to website visitors and people who have engaged with any/all of your ads)

Facebook Client campaigns (shows ads to your existing customers for cross-sell, up-sell, review generation purposes)

Google Maps Ad campaigns (shows an ad in the Google Map Pack)

Google Local Call campaigns (call-specific campaign optimized for inbound calls)

Custom Artwork/Creative (we update ad creative regularly to help prevent ad fatigue for both ads and GMB management)

Custom Landing Pages + Surveys (for capturing website leads from your various ad campaigns) 

Conversion Tracking Setup (we setup the proper pixels for conversion tracking/attribution)

Account Reviews (ongoing account monitoring to optimize bidding & audience sculpting strategies)

**Important Notes:**

1.) Ad Campaigns will typically have more than one ad in them. We’ll create a variation of ads within the campaign(s)

2.) Our monthly cost does not include your ad spend. We recommend a $10+ daily budget per campaign if possible.

3.) Additional campaigns can be purchased on an a la carte basis with a 90-day run term.

The Google “Map Pack” is the first 3 local results that you see in search results. It’s also commonly referred to as the “Snack Pack” or sometimes “3 Pack”. Running ads in the Map Pack can increase website click-through significantly, yet surprisingly very few local businesses know how to do it.

google map pack

Re-targeting is a critical strategy that shows ads to your website visitors after they leave your website or engage with one of your ads.

Re-targeting is very important because on average, only 2% of first-time visitors take action on websites.

Re-targeting takes cold traffic, and turns it into warm traffic, producing the highest ROAS (return on ad spend).

The type of content you post is important. From the way it looks to the messaging. If it doesn’t help break the users’ scroll, it’s probably not good enough.

We create custom images and graphics to post on your GMB, which can also be sent to other social networks with an RSS feed.

We post a combination of social proof like Google Review images, info and promotions tied to your products and services, as well as funny and engaging content that helps get people’s attention.

Yes. You can order a la carte, 90-day campaigns for campaigns you may want to run outside of what’s included in our monthly package.

These could be niche campaigns for a certain line of business, referral partner, or other offer you want to test.

If you already have an existing Facebook and/or Google ad account, we will request access to those accounts. 

We’ll also request access to your Google My Business (GMB) account. 

Don’t worry, we’ll get on a call with you and walk you through all of this, it’s very simple.

There’s no catch at all 🙂 The main reason why our cost is significantly less than virtually any other SEO/PPC agency is because we do not outsource our services, thus, there is no unnecessary mark-up on our pricing.

We don’t do that and don’t need to because we manage everything in-house and have a very tight process that allows us to be extremely efficient.