Write more of the business you really want to write — profitably.

It’s no secret that when it comes to increasing revenue quickly, the riches are in the niches. Most commercial agencies have the knowledge, and markets to write just about anything. What they don’t have are the marketing chops to get in front of targeted niche accounts. Our Commercial Niche Marketing Virtual Assistant (NMVA) program is the answer.

A multi-point outreach system designed to grow your Commercial book of business.

Getting in front of the right decision maker in a business is challenging. It requires consistency, persistence, repetition, and above all else, a multi-touch approach that is almost annoyingly effective. 


As a part of our service, we'll setup display ads directly on top of the businesses you want to target most, so everyone within our defined perimeter will see your ads non-stop.

Google Search Ads

We'll setup and monitor targeted niche Google search campaigns, set to fire based on our pre-defined group of keywords which will be based on your targeted niche(s).

Facebook Campaigns

As a part of our multi-touch marketing system, we'll craft targeted Facebook campaigns to help get you in front of the types of businesses you want truly want to write.

Email Outreach

Email outreach has been proven to be a big driver of engagement and lead generation. We'll craft custom campaigns and blast them out to niche lists based on SIC/NAIC code.

Lead Nurturing

Generating leads is one thing — keeping in touch with them is a whole different ball game. We'll handle all of the nurturing and follow-up so you can focus on what you do best — closing.

No matter what niche market you're after, we've got a plan —

Frequently Asked Questions

While our niche marketing service can be utilized by virtually any commercial focused agency, there are definitely a few situations where it may not be a good fit for certain agencies. In general here are a few scenarios where you probably shouldn’t sign up for our service:

1.) Your niche has an extremely low customer LTCV (life time customer value) — meaning if  you’re targeting really small accounts that only pay a couple hundreds dollars in commission with high annual churn rates, our program might not make sense for you right now.

2.) Your ad spend budget is under $1000/mo — as we mention throughout our site, our service does not include your ad spend, and/or list costs. In order for our program to work for you, you will need AT MINIMUM a $1000/mo spend. 

3.) You’re impatient and/or expecting immediate leads/results — Understand that advertising requires patience and repetition. Have you ever noticed, most of the bigger carriers never shut their ads off? Some months will be better than others.

People are not going to click your ad the very first time they see it. You need to be patient and let the system work for you. The biggest mistake you can make is shutting off your advertising and outreach campaigns right before they start working.