Common Sense Disclaimers

1.) We cannot, and do not guarantee lead volume. This may seem like common sense, but marketing/advertising is not a guarantee. Lead volume as a whole depends on many factors that we can’t control like population in your audience, as well as competitiveness and search volume in your market. 

2.) Our setup fees is non-refundable and our monthly retainer is fully earned on the first day of the month.

3.) Support calls must be scheduled. Due to support volume, we cannot jump on unscheduled calls unless it’s an emergency. We handle 99% of our support via email so we can track and delegate support tickets internally. You can also always post questions in the private Facebook group.

4.) If you request to cancel service we will disconnect from your ad accounts and GMB, and discontinue our monthly services and reporting. 

5.) Ad Platforms are auction-based platforms. This means that there are other advertisers who are competing with you to advertise to the same audience as you and/or with the same keywords. Just because you run ads doesn’t mean people will immediately see them, or immediately click on them. Most people need to see the same offer 7 times before they take action.

6.) Ad Platforms have a “learning” phase. This means ad campaigns can take a little while to work as the ad account gathers data and learns more about your audiences and objectives. In some cases depending on your audience size, budget and competitiveness, it can take anywhere from 60-90 days for your account to build up enough data to act on. 

7.) Local Traffic Marketing is a “package” which includes several campaigns, local SEO and more. It is not a “pay $x/mo for unlimited campaign management”. You will however have the opportunity to purchase additional stand-alone campaigns if you want something outside of what is included in the Local Traffic Marketing Package.